3D Basics

Seems like I meet people every day that tends to think BIM is the same as info, parameters and attributes and automatic collision control while the foundation of it all is to make a representation of the project in 3 dimensions so that you get a god understanding of what you are talking about if the model files aint goood the rest will fall. And trust me Ive met people who think they works with BIM without knowing the difference between good polyflow and a a prebuilt mess. If you dont know the basics you will run into trouble especially while working on big projects. So the most important thing to get an optimized an light base model to work with you need goood solid 3d modeling skills and you need to know why fascetting factor, import export settings erstand different ways of modeling the same thing ands understanding the differences between a fbx dwg ifc file or the different approaches between revit tekla civil3d microstation rhino etc and file formats, and which way you model an object. In shot a good 3d knowledge can make a project 3% as CPU/GPU heavy of that of a push a button without knowing what is happening under the hood.